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Open an account with Marque Magnetics

If you are a new customer and do not have an approved account with us, you must prepay any orders you place. You prepay by direct credit to our bank or via credit card by calling our Accounts department to give us your card details.

Should you wish to Apply for an Account, please print this form, fill it out as completely and clearly as possible, read our standard Terms & Conditions on the back of the form and finally sign it. You may either post this signed form or scan it and email it to us. Our addresses are on the contact section of this website.

Applying for an account does not necessarily mean we will grant you one, as that will depend on the quality and feedback from your trade references and the amount of time you have been trading, along with other criteria.

Once we receive your Account Application Form, it normally takes us a maximum of 5 working days to approve/disallow an account. This timeframe depends totally on the cooperation we get from your trade references.