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Power Reactors

All of our reactors are are compliant to IEC289 international standard.

Input AC Reactor

Used for suppressing harmonics induced in power supply lines, or when the main voltage imbalance exceeds 3% (and power source capacity is more than 500kVA), or for reducing line fluctuations. It can also improve the power factor.

Technical Details

DC Reactor

The DC choke (reactor) suppresses harmonics generated by the inverter. It attenuates the high-frequency components on the inverter's internal DC bus (link).

Technical Details

Output AC Reactor

Reduces the vibrations in motors caused by the switching waveform of inverters, by smoothing the waveform close to the commercial power quality. It can be also used to reduce the reflected voltage wave phenomenon when the wiring distance from inverters to the motor is more than 10m.

Technical Details

Power Factor Correction Reactor

Reactor intended for series or parallel connection with capacitors for reducing, blocking or filtering harmonics or communication frequencies in the power system.



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